A/C hose

Product Description

AC hose assembly uses a refrigerant to absorb heat and expel cold air – the refrigerant is both a gas and a liquid with regards on the amount of pressure. The AC system has two “sides” – the low pressure side, where the refrigerant is a gas, and the high pressure side, where the refrigerant is turned into a liquid. An AC high pressure hose has a much smaller diameter than a low pressure hose. Imperial Auto offers the assemblies that are with the Single barrier and the double barrier hose.

  • No distinction any more between normal, medium or high temperature!
  • Suitable for all test oils!
  • Same material design for all diameters!
  • Permeation less than 0.2 g/m·d
  • After hot pressure resistance testing: permeation < 2 g/m·d
  • Integrated rubber lining bonding system