• Auto- frettage is done to increase parts (Tubes) fatigue life.
  • It is a technique used on thick walled metal tubes to improve the durability of the part by creating a compressive residual stress at the bore.
  • A pressure that is high enough to plastically deform the bore of the part but not so high that it bursts the pressure is applied to the inside of the tube.
  • Result – After the pressure is removed, the elastic recovery of the outer wall puts the inner wall into compression, providing a residual compressive stress.
  • Machine is capable up to 100000 Psi test pressures
  • Process Pressure is Selected on the basis of OD/ ID ratio & Mechanical Properties.

High Pressure Hose Assembly

  • Hot Impulse Machine:- To check the hose assembly life in hot condition under pressure and oil temperature and ambient temperature
  • Static Impulse Machine- To check the hose assembly life in static condition
  • Dynamic Impulse Machine- To check the hose assembly life under dynamic condition
  • Cold Chamber-To conduct cold bending test of hose as per SAE J 343
  • Tensile Tester- To check the tensile load
  • Ozone chamber-To conduct Ozone resistance test of hose as per SAE J 343
  • Contamination level testing-To check Internal cleaning of hose as per customer standard
  • Burst Pressure test Machine:- To conduct the burst test on hose assembly
  • Salt Spray chamber:-To check corrosion resistance of components as per ASTM B 117 and DIN 50021

Rubber Testing PVT

  • Durability test (PVT, Pressure Vibration Temperature)
  • Ambient temp. & inside air temp. : range -40 ~ +250 ┬░C and programmable
  • Vibration and impulse : range is programmable.
  • Movement : eng. Moving 3-axles data from actual vehicles.


Multilayer Extrusion facility with extrusion capacity of 600,00 mts per month
In-House Testing Facility:

  • Durability test
  • Low Temp test
  • UV test
  • Mandrel Insertion
  • Weighing balance
  • Milipore testing
  • UTM
  • Abrasion test
  • Life Cycle Test

Low Pressure Tubes

Key processes:

  • Flaring process
  • Furnace brazing process
  • Cnc bending process
  • Plc controlled leakage testing

Testing facilities:

  • CMM
  • Crack detection test
  • Vibration testing
  • Profile projector
  • Rockwell hardness tester
  • Jet testing machine