Imperial Auto Industries Limited is India’s largest integrated manufacturer and assembler of Fluid Transmission Products covering all spectrums that include flexible high-pressure assemblies, metal tubular assemblies, and low-pressure hose assemblies.

The organization was established as a small-scale enterprise in 1969 in Faridabad, India. Today it has a widespread setup with over 20 facilities across India managed by the parent company and another 7 units in India and worldwide as part of group joint ventures and global operations. The organization continues to grow and expand its operations continuously.

Imperial Auto supplies 100% products to Original Equipment Manufacturers. As a result keen focus has been given to maintaining high standards of quality and production that leads to constantly updating and upgrading equipment, standards, quality management certifications and existing facilities.

There is strong emphasis and diligence on maintaining business share of any single customer to a maximum of 20% of total turnover of the group. This allows de-risking as well as protection from slowdown in any single customer business or subsequent industry.

Today the organization is self-sustainable with its own fully controlled back end support for key functions such as electroplating, brazing and rubber compound mixing along with all requisite equipment, manpower, infrastructure as well as years of knowledge and experience in the fluid transmission products domain to serve our customers in a timely and productive manner. 

Imperial Auto is an organization based on relationships as is evident from the strong bond and camaraderie the original promoters share even after almost half a century of starting the establishment together. Values of togetherness, teamwork, respect & humility run deep and wide within the nervous system of the group.