Engine Tubular Assemblies

These assemblies help to filter impurities from the engine and help maintain its cleanliness. This contributes to the longevity of your engine and ensures its optimal performance.

Vehicle Segment

We offer a wide range of components for engine assemblies, say, strainer, dipstick, and feed-return lines.

These components are essential for maintaining the cleanliness, lubrication, and overall health of the engine, contributing to its longevity and optimal performance. The strainer helps filter out impurities, the dipstick allows for fluid level monitoring, and feed-return lines ensure the proper supply and return of fluids within the engine assemblies.


Engine Oil


  • Material


  • Diameter Upto


  • Operating Temperature

    Temprature varies according to the application.

  • Working Pressure upto

    40 Bar

Customer Benefits

Improving customer service

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Packaging that adds value

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Versatility in fluid compatibility

Because we have the capability to handle fluids in a reliable manner on a regular basis, we are able to provide reliable performance on a regular basis.

Longevity & durability

To increase vehicle longevity, we use quality materials that can withstand harsh environments and demanding operational requirements.