After Treatment & Exhaust Assemblies

Our after exhaust assemblies effortlessly help reduce harmful emissions from your vehicle & control pollution. These contribute in increasing the efficiency & performance of the vehicle.

Vehicle Segment

Imperial Auto caters to the major sub assemblies such as EGR, SCR & Urea Line under after treatment and exhaust assemblies. EGR Line: EGR tube assembly carries unburnt gas vapours from the exhaust manifold chambers to the intake manifold and is reintroduced into the engine firing sequence. It is used in conjunction with catalytic converter for better performance. It also enhances the life of critical engine moving parts. The gases are cooled before they are fed back. SCR Line: Selective catalytic reduction is used in larger diesel engines usually found in commercial vehicles. Our SCR lines are fully tested with short de- freezing time, low permeability and abrasion resistant shielding Urea Line: Imperial Auto manufactures Urea lines with high quality and high temperature plastic given its critical role in SCR system.

The after treatment and exhaust assemblies are essential for compliance with emissions regulations, reducing the environmental impact of vehicle emissions, and improving air quality. They contribute to the overall performance, efficiency, and sustainability of the vehicle's operation.


CO2, Water vapours


  • Material


  • Diameter Upto


  • Operating Temprature

    -40 C to 150 C

  • Working Pressure upto

    15 Bar


  • Material


  • Diameter Upto


  • Operating Temperature

    375 C to 750 C

  • Working Pressure upto

    5 Bar

Customer Benefits

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Using cost-effective alternatives, we help our clients save money without sacrificing quality.

Versatile fluid compatibility

Designed to handle a wide range of fluids, ensuring reliable operation.

Longevity and durability

We use quality materials that can withstand harsh environments and demanding operational requirements to enhance vehicle longevity.