Imperial Auto Mexico

Imperial Auto Industries, established in 1969 in India, is a prominent manufacturer and assembler of diverse fluid transmission products tailored for automotive and industrial applications. The company has successfully diversified its customer base and industry segments, serving both domestic and international markets with a strong export presence.

In 2020, aiming to expand its global reach, Imperial Auto Industries strategically opened manufacturing plants in Pleidelsheim Germany, Texas USA and Indianapolis USA.

Continuing its global expansion, the company has recently decided to establish a new facility in Mexico, further solidifying its international footprint and enhancing its capacity to meet global demands.

Imperial Auto Mexico (IAM), owned by Imperial Auto India, will mainly be focusing on High Pressure Tube Assemblies used in various Automotive sectors such as Agriculture Equipment, Construction Equipment, Passenger Vehicles and Industrial Applications.

Our state-of-the-art facility with Automation and Quality Control is what differentiates us from our competitors. It maintains a strong focus on high quality standards by constantly upgrading equipment and facilities.

With a proven track record of delivering over 14,000 special solutions to clients across diverse sectors, we are a trusted partner for solving all types of fluid transmission challenges.

Cutting-edge Machines and Technologies

Induction Brazing

A precision technique using electromagnetic heat to ensure strong, consistent metal joints

Leakage Testing

Ensures product integrity by detecting and measuring leaks to maintain safety and functionality standards.

Flushing Machine

Utilizes high-velocity fluids to clean and remove contaminants from internal systems efficiently.

Bending Machine

Precision tool that shapes metal through force, ensuring accuracy and consistency in component fabrication.

End Forming

Customizes tube ends for specific fittings, enhancing adaptability and precision in assembly.

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