May 3, 2024
  1. Project TitleIndustrial Upskilling of 100 ITI Students for Job Readiness FY 2023-24 in partnership with ITI Faridabad with REACHA as Implementation Partner
  2. Exact Location/Address – 1164/1, Rajeev Colony, Samaypur Road, Faridabad, Haryana 121004
  3. Project Start Date – 1 October 2023
  4. Brief report on progress to date (Report attached)
  5. Achieved milestones
    Imperial Auto Industries-REACHA Training Center has been set up at 1164/1, Rajeev colony, Samaypur Road, Faridabad, Haryana 121004. Industry exposure is given to the students of the ITI Faridabad at this training center and through on-the-job training at Imperial Auto’s Factories so that gap between academia and the industry can be addressed. Market Aligned curriculum is taught to students which further supplements what they learn at ITI. Important emphasis is given to soft skill communication training so that these students are better prepared for interviews as they graduate from ITI and enter job market. The center is managed by REACHA with IAI’s support, and the curriculum is taught by expert faculty. Imperial Auto Plant Managers conduct training at the factories.
    • Senior leadership team from Imperial Auto Industries (Mr. Vishal Kampani, Vice President, Human Resources and Ms. Divya Kumari (Lead CSR and ESG) along with ITI Faculty and REACHA team inaugurated the training center on 12 February 2024.
    • As of February 2024 – 64 students have successfully completed On Job Training (OJT) through this project. (26 Fitter and 38 Machinist). Market aligned training – technical, practical at factories and soft skills have been given to these students as part of this training. These students are also being provided with completion certifications for their OJT. OJT is a key requirement for these students to complete their education at ITI. This project not only aims to give them exposure to factory for their OJT but is going beyond by bringing in market aligned technical and soft skill training for these students, aimed at addressing the gap that exists between students skillset and with what is needed in the market.
    • Soft Skill Training Sessions, End of Training Assessment on Market Aligned Curriculum at the Center, Personality Development Sessions, Monitoring visits by REACHA team to IAI Plants to keep track on students’ progress are some key activities that take place.
    • Market aligned curriculum books and Safety Shoes that help to protect the students at the factories are given to all students as they start the project.
  6. Number of beneficiaries impacted – 64 students have successfully completed their On Job Training (OJT) through this project as of February 2024.
  7. Detailed project description-
    • The upskilling of ITI candidates already enrolled in ITI Faridabad, specializing in trades such as Welding, Fitter, Machinist, and other identified areas, is currently in progress.
    • As part of their On Job Training (150 hours) mandated by ITI, provide industry exposure to ITI students, aiming to bridge the gap between academia and the industry. This exposure is facilitated through partnerships with various industries, ensuring that students gain practical insights and experience relevant to their fields of study.
    • Training sessions are conducted at Imperial Auto Industries’ (IAI) plant and its affiliated training centre managed by REACHA. Here, students are immersed in a market-aligned curriculum tailored to their respective trades. These sessions are designed to equip students with the latest industry knowledge and skills necessary for success in their chosen fields.
    • We offer comprehensive training in life skills to enrolled youth, encompassing communication and job readiness skills. By honing these essential abilities, we aim to enhance their overall preparedness for entering the workforce upon completion of their ITI training.
  8. Mode of operations – On Site Training to students by Plant Managers at Imperial, and Market aligned Technical and Soft Skill sessions at Imperial Center managed by REACHA.
  9. Plans– Scaling up the Proof of Concept that has been established in FY 2023-24: Upskilling and providing market aligned training to 400-500 students for FY 2024-25
    • Upskilling of 400-500 ITI students with additional trades offered by the ITI.
    • Explore to cover students from Faridabad, Palwal, and other districts of Haryana upon mutual agreement between Imperial Auto and ITI.
    • Expert sessions from Imperial Auto can be planned as for the students
    • Integrating expertise of Imperial Auto in the curriculum that is to be taught to the students.
    • Exploring to conduct job fair as part of access to employment opportunities
    • Exploring to set up Digital / Smart Classroom to deliver courses
    • Any other activity that can further strengthen the ongoing efforts and help in bringing in expertise, professionalism, market aligned knowledge in their respective trade and in building character of the ITI students.
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